So, Friday I ended up pulling into Phoenix at night, long after the strip posted. but I made it safe, the car did okay, and Cadfael, who is being adopted by an old dear friend of mine) and his family) enjoyed the ride quite well.

I know a surprisingly fair number of people in Phoenix, and so did weekend visits, the only time most of them have free, before preparing to go ot my first settled destination. A Navajo Hogan for a month in northern Arizona. My hands are so itching to do nothing but write, draw, and paint.

03/09/15 Being Brought In 05

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  1. At least when everyone dies it won’t be from dirty phones.

  2. Lauridum or Lauridium? It’s in there both ways. Also, is that a pre-existing thing? To Google!

  3. Thank you, @Amanda! It should be “lauridium.” Fixed! (oh, and it is a made-up thing) 🙂

  4. Lauridium, one of the high atomic weight, radioactive elements that fits one of the empty slots on the Periodic Table. I wonder if someone wants them to be marooned there? Then the why?

  5. @Night-Gaunt, clearly it’s to develop a colony of slaves to work the Lauridium mines.

    And is anyone else wondering if some future physicist named his new discovery after his girlfriend?

  6. Too bad Cadfael is going to a new home, he sounds like an excellent travel companion. In my experience, that is rare, in a cat.

  7. thatguywhatsmadeofcheese

    @COYOTY Now now, this lot isn’t /that/ bad. I mean, I don’t *think* they’ll be starting wars with trees any time soon.

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