I’ve gotten into the groove of “hut in the desert” life. Get up before sunrise, make breakfast and coffee, walk an hour during sunrise, work for about 12 hours, read, and sleep.

I could get used to this. šŸ™‚

03/18/15 Being Brought In 09

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  1. Does she actually have to say her name if he knows it so intimately? At work, I’m allowed to accept my own familiarity with a person as ID if I know them.

  2. AKA “Pudding Thame”. OK, any others?

  3. You like trolling, but when it’s backwards you don’t like, right?… human nature. =P
    It sounds like you’re having a great time at the desert Chris!

  4. @Karlos F., I’m having a lovely time. Lots of beauty around me, lots of work getting done. Two of my favorite things.

  5. Holy crap, “Pudding Thame”! THAT brings back some memories for me.

    Also, Foxglove’s gonna be Ms. Cassandra Truth, isn’t she?

  6. Make sure you pop in and see the Grand Canyon and Sedona before you mosey on…

  7. First comment here. Christopher, I must say I just LOVE Teapot’s and Pudding’s facial expressions (throughout entire comic, not just this strip). Hope Anna’s prove to be just as beautiful. Good luck out in the desert, stay safe, stay happy. And go easy on cactus juice.

  8. Yeah, yeah, “I could get used to this.” Just wait. You’ll get a hankering for “Pain au Chocolate” with a side of double-shot double-cream expresso. You’ll find yourself lusting after hot showers whenever you want. Next, you’ll see a book that looks interesting, then another that you really, really need, then another book, and before you know it, you’ve got THINGS! THINGS that don’t keep well in desert huts! Next thing you know you’ll be paying gas and electric bills and complaining to your neighbors about the cost of double-shot double-cream expressos.

    Books. They’re the gateway drug to Things.

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