Thursday was just another normal day. Get up, breakfast, walk into the desert and see the sunrise, come back, draw/paint, read, sleep. Good times.

03/20/15 Being Brought In 10

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  1. “Did you tell anyone else about the ore?”
    “Just our daughter.”
    “Too bad. I’ll have to kill her, too.”
    “Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick.”

  2. Captain doesn’t even get his own office. No wonder he’s so bitter and hate-filled. 😉

  3. …give Dale and ME… e.g. ‘give us’ vs. ‘give we’ subject/object yada yada .
    My first job at JPL involved proofreading SpaceLab docs from Huntsville; rather than downloading from the VAX-clusters, Teledyne Brown bought a whole network of Macs and re-typed the WHOLE SET, with some real boners. I got sensitized to spelling and usage, sorry!

  4. And [grammar-nazi] and [/grammar] tags I used disappear when put in brokets, since they’re not ‘real’ HTML tags.

  5. You aren’t the only one, Pbarnrob.

    so….now Foxglove is a witness. As is Dilvan. Wonder if anything will be said that will reduce his faith in what the Captain is doing. (And what _is_ the Captain doing? Is this another “One Way” sort of deal, where these people turn out to be stuck with something they didn’t sign on for? Or does that Captain have hopes of using his passengers as unwilling workers in his L-whatever mine? Or maybe all other sentient life was destroyed, and so they are forming a colony to continue humanity? Let’s get some wild theories going here, people!)

  6. PBARNOROB no such thing as a “grammar Nazi” since the misuse of Nazi or National Socialist is galling to me the reader.
    Since Nazis are still around and they are the worst, and to simply weaken them to sticklers for grammar is offensive. Since Nazism is still around don’t think they are any less dangerous. They just may not be in any uniform. For me such people tend to be, that personality, to be more interested in the grammar than what is said. <i>However, for professional work such critiques you are a great help, more power to your for that. It is just those who do so with other people’s comments that bugs me. Since such compulsive grammarians tend to ignore what is said which is insulting. Thanx again for helping Mr. Baldwin. Soap box off.

    Interesting names, and the frustration of a ship’s captain grounded. Along with everyone else on what must have been an unscheduled stop. Marooned. Probably off the usual space lanes too I’ll wager.

  7. Dilvan huh?

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