03/30/15 Being Brought In 14

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  1. Oblivia and Clu{less}, the Easily Entertained!

  2. Calling it now. Clem is the mastermind behind the whole conspiracy!

    Oh, and why are Muriel’s speech bubbles dashed? I forget what that indicates.

  3. I think dashed speech bubbles mean whispering or keeping her voice quiet.

  4. Whispering, usually, aye. After all, if she spoke at full volume THE MAN WOULD HEAR HER. 😉

  5. Yes. Whispering or talking quietly. 🙂

  6. Yeah, a breath of sanity… uh huh.

  7. This is very gripping. A truly profound life lesson hidden within this page.

    The lesson that bar people are rarely as relaxing and sanity promoting as we imagine.

  8. Hi Chris, do you mind if I use that last frame as a profile pic + edit my name in instead of “Dilvan”? I feel like that all the time. Thank you! And if not, that’s totally fine 😀

  9. The appropriate response here would be, “I have a very difficult job and you two aren’t making it easier. GO. AWAY.”

    Somehow I’m not sure that’d work on these two idiots, though.

  10. @Zombivozikombi, You’re welcome to. 🙂

  11. Enjoying the new webcomic – just got caught up! Give me a shout if you pass through Denver and maybe I can buy you a meal in thanks for the cool comics.

  12. Thank you Chris 😉

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