Phew! Got internet before the day ended. Sometimes this working from the desert gets trickey. 🙂

03/27/15 Being Brought In 13

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  1. “That’s the number an idiot uses for his luggage.”

  2. Like @Herandar, I am also reminded of Space Balls.

    Good stuff! 😀

  3. It’s almost like using the word “password” for your password.

    But I guess that it’s better than “swordfish.”

  4. To quote Officer Ceylon, “Holy Cr*p!” If they’re collecting servant-bots, does this mean we’ve seen the last of nanny-bot? Or will nanny-bot be able to use its robotic wiles to bribe or otherwise “entice” the guard-bots to let it go?

    Not that I’m looking for any details on any alleged “robo-sex”; but details would be nice.

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