04/03/15 In The Canteen 02

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  1. Dilvan seems to be more interested in tracking lauridium to get off the planet.

  2. Sometimes one needs to spend time with the snakes to appreciate the loons?

    Or did I get that backwards.

  3. Ooooohhhh, Dilvan loooooooves Foxglove! He just hasn’t realized it yet.

  4. Some of these passengers would not even qualify for the Telephone Sanitizers Union

  5. Well, those two aren’t a complete liability.

  6. Good grief, if those people are in space too, maybe I don’t wanna go…

  7. @0z79, very true. They look (and act) like perfect specimens to be fed into the food replicators at the appropriate time.

  8. Well, that settles it – Dilvan and Foxglove are destined to be together.

    But maybe Dilvan should invite the captain for drinks with his two friends. Whatever his reasons for staying on this planet, knowing that he will have those two around may make him reconsider.

  9. Maximum Carnage

    Well, we have now well and thoroughly been introduced to the peanut gallery.

    Perhaps now you understand why they’re supposed to be roasted before consumption.

  10. mmm Dilvan, my friend, I think you should get better company or perhaps to do what Mouse suggested, that seems a good course of action…

  11. Check out this movie –

    A sily, over-the-top eighties flick that shows what can happen when intergalactic/interplanetary travel becomes as common for a society as international travel is now.

  12. Dilvan and Foxglove, sittin’ in a, uh, spaceship…

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