Growing up, my parents took us every Easter to see the sunrise. I’m not religious, but here and there through the years I’ve tried to do it. I find it such a lovely way to start a day, and it has often baffled me: how many sunrises do I actually see, let alone sit down and watch? I’ve had entire YEARS go by without doing so ONCE.

Anyhow, EVERY day this past month I’ve walked out into te desert to see the sunrise (two exceptions, once so i could get ready for an early hike elsewhere, and the other because I was feeling unwell), preceeding a day full of work. I almost didn’t go this Easter morning because being contrary often amuses me, but I went anyways. My only remaining wish being that I had a bucket full of waxy chocolate bunnies to round out the morning.



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  1. Don’t suppose Pewter was able to bring the detector prototype?
    Life on SS Dump is about to get more interesting…

  2. It would be a nice plot twist if Pewter IS the tracker, but I think that’s Dalvin at the door with it.

  3. Oh, I like sunrises although I’m not a person who likes to wake up early… (bad combination). We have sunsets anyway…

  4. @Karlos, I’m pretty lucky. Early or late don’t mean anything to me as long as I sleep 8 hours every night at the same time. So, these days I sleep 10-6. I don’t even set the alarm clock. Bizarre.

  5. Just forgetting about the alarm clock is a blessing…!

  6. Hi Chris, I use a webcomics reader called Comic Chameleon on iPad and iPhone . SpaceTrawler was readable in it, but Anna Galactic is MIA so far. Is there something you have to do to get it added? Is there another reader you recommend?


  7. Rhondalynn Brown

    Have you visited Canyon de Chelly yet? Try the north rim, the tourists rarely go up that way. My favorite spot is Antelope House Overlook after hiking about half a mile east or west of the formal overlook site. No people, incredible silence (other than the winds), and majestic views. The Navajo National Monument is often overlooked. Fantastic trail hike down to the ruiins, must go with a park ranger though… be there before 8 am.

  8. @Coyoty Seems to be a bit of emphasis on the pronunciation of the parks name to sound like “peed mont”.

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