So, have begun to settle in here in Oregon. Just spent the last 8 hours drawing. Take breaks to walk, stretch my back and legs. Feeling good. Feeling SO ready to ramp up these long days of work (I have a few more hours to go today) after a week of driving.


04/22/15 United 08

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  1. Wait… Does the nannybot have a chest of drawers? And it looks turtlish… Is it a tribute to Clothahump from the Spellsinger series?

  2. Ah, the Oregon coast. I used to go out that way every Thanksgiving, but since my parents moved up here we just go to their house instead. I should make time for a drive out there soon, enjoy the surf.

  3. Pewter’s not very observant, is it?

  4. Yes! she had an emergency exit… but now they’re gonna be fugitives…
    Wow! what a change of environment! but Oregon looks like a beautiful place too…

  5. Will you be here long? I’ve lived in Salem or the last thirty years. If you would like some destination suggestions, I would be happy to provide some.

  6. Just a _tiny_ change, from desert to ocean…

    And does Foxglove’s pack just sort of stick to her clothes?

  7. @Coyoty, nope! Never heard of Clothahump, but looks like an interesting series.
    Thank you, @Draconis! I think it will be just quiet walks and lots of rawing and painting. 🙂
    @Mouse, yeah, all of them have the backpack stick thing. No idea the science behind it, but seemed fun. 🙂

  8. I was wondering the same thing before I saw Mouse’s comment. I thought maybe the strips on the backs of their shirts are magnetized? Looks like Teapot’s and Anna’s are just stuck on, as well. But then, they’d have to be reinforced somehow so the weight of the packs doesn’t pull their shirts down…I’m thinking about this *way* too much!

  9. Oh hey, and look, you answered it while I was typing! Spooky, but thanks! 🙂

  10. I think it’s best not to think too hard. it’s future technology. Which also involves clothing being both flexible and having an integral structure. 🙂

  11. Smart Velcro. Easy when you have nanotech.

  12. @Mouse, just a simple move from the Great Sand Sea to the Great Water Sea. Next step: North Dakota, and the Great Grass Sea. (‘Cause, you know, wheat is what happens to grass when grass goes to college.) But Christopher, if that IS your next destination, be careful when trying to cross the Sunflower Shoals. They’re easy to get trapped on, and those sunflowers can be merciless.

  13. of course the other thing about Foxglove’s pack is that it is pretty tiny, if she’s counting on it to hold, say, things needed for survival for the indefinite future. So I’m figuring, yeah, really sophisticated future technology! which involves some sort of miniaturization that _also_ lets the miniaturized things be really light (had you ever wondered about that? like in “fantastic voyage”, what if everyone still weighed as much as before they were teenified? and if not, where does all that mass go?)

  14. Not Velcro it’s GeckoTape. Not to be confused with an insurance agency mascot.

  15. So it begins.

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