I’m in Oregon! Now a month to paint and draw here. 🙂

04/20/15 United 07

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  1. “Don’t make us turn this ship around!”
    “I think she wants that.”
    “Can we send her to her room?… Oh yeah, right.”
    “We can tell her she’s grounded.”
    “We’re all grounded… Oh, THAT grounded… Foxglove, open up and you’re grounded!”
    “I think this is going to take awhile.”

  2. I like Coyoty’s line of reasoning.
    “But wait, if she’s grounded, doesn’t she have to stay in her room…?”
    “Uh… Foxglove Muriel, you come out here RIGHT NOW or you are in BIG TROUBLE young lady.”

  3. Oh, that doesn’t seem good… I hope Foxglove has some kind of emergency exit…

  4. Pleasepleaseplease do NOT let the emergency exit be “climbing through the air vents.”

  5. As long as it isn’t Jeffries Tubes!

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