Ooooh, had a good weekend. Lot’s of painting. On Saturday “The Big Lebowski” was playing at the Egyptian Theater, a restored old theater up in Coos Bay, so Cedra Wood and I went up there, checked out the Coos Bay Art Museum, got a bite, saw the show, and had a lovely time. Then Sunday, back to painting.

04/27/15 United 10

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  1. Good. Chris won’t have to rename the strip.

  2. You never know. The full title could’ve been ANNA GALACTIC (stays behind and sits in the brig for a few months).

    I love that the doors have a jam code. Which seems to consist of mostly pushing the same button over and over and over again.

  3. Technically, there were two buttons being pressed (that we know of). Heehee, now my headcanon has “door jam codes” being a shorthand expression for “lemme overwhelm the poor door’s processor by pressing a couple of buttons a whole bunch of times really fast”.

  4. Talk about reluctant “hero” here for Anna. At first it looked like the red head was Anna till we got her name. She still felt like the hero till now. Sometimes the reluctant ones are the best kind of hero.

  5. Anna’s clearly got a lot of room for growth – always an interesting story.

  6. Very interesting.

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