Spent the day drawing MAD Magazine strips until my eyes were bleeding sugar candy syrup, and now an Irish pub beckons. Because the emerald green hills of Ireland are anywhere sporting verdigris and Guinness.

04/29/15 United 11

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  1. I have nothing to say, so here’s a terrible pun about a descendant of Lawrence Welk on the ship who’s made clones of Anna and called them Anna One, Anna Two…

  2. Moral of the story: Everyone needs a grab and go bag. In case of fire, zombie apocalypse, natural disasters, adventures…

  3. I liked the gag with pewter in the first 2 panels.

  4. Adventures: Nasty, horrible things that make you late for supper. They also cause one to forget things like handkerchiefs & toothbrushes… and pewters.

  5. Um…second panel… looks like she shaves her chest hair. I think they are supposed to be freckles, but they look like stubble.

  6. @IBY, Really? I’ve been staring at her cleavage for several strips now, and I can say with certainty it’s been no stubble at all.

  7. Oh indeed, Frith Ra, indeed.

  8. But Pewter has all those chest-drawers! Surely they contain toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, bandages, candy, nail clippers, aspirin ….all those sorts of things that any _proper_ nanny (or mom) has on hand…

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