Looked at a bunch of cave drawings before doing this. They’re so beautiful! Hope I did them justice.

Have a great weekend!

05/15/15 First Contact 05

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  1. Tlinget or Coastal Salish? I’ve seen Chinook cave art but not those themes. Not familiar with those. Almost looks Hopi or Zuni but you are WAY too far north for those tribes.

  2. I’ve seen some in the US southwest, but for this I was just looking online. The Lascaux, Altamira, etc.

  3. I’m thinking Paleolithic cro-magnon cave art, showing the locals on a great and hopefully prosperous hunt.

  4. Yay! Alien cave art!! Four leg tentacles and four arm tentacles!!

  5. mmm I couldn’t help but think about “Kilroy was here!”

  6. The punchline is that Foxglove drew it last night before she went to bed. 😉

  7. Cool, so there are sentient aliens on this planet and we have an idea of what they look like.

    So natives + planet rich in stuff + a ship whose officers are up to no good. I think I’m beginning to see where this is going.

  8. Correction: There WERE sentient (sapient?) non-humans on this planet. Where did they go? Not a clue. Here — try some of this slow-roasted bantabeast. I think I got the sauce JUST right this time.

  9. Heh, sacked out robots…

  10. I had that things look different in the day moment. Well done!

  11. Well, there do appear to be flying creatures with a full selection of very pointy teeth….that might keep the natives from showing themselves too often.

  12. Gives you several bits of important information about that world. There are, or were, some neolithic developed sapients. And giant dragons that fly!

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