So nice to be visiting my sister and her beau. They’re being such wonderful hosts, and it is so lovely to see both of them. I only miss the ocean a TINY LITTLE bit.

05/13/15 First Contact 04

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  1. Did you have a chance or have you had a chance to chow down on some geoducks?

  2. I’m mostly vegan, and 100% vegetarian, so, not on the menu. But when I lived in Olympia, WA, I always loved that they were the sports mascot of Evergreen College.

  3. She got to do a solo after all.

  4. OK, either go back to the ship and face immediate incarceration, or stick with these people that are actually beginning to respect her enough to give her a choice in things.. for the first time ever, from what we’ve seen.

    Tough choice..

  5. That’s what I can’t understand about you Pacific Northwesterners. You have “geoducks” (gooey-ducks) which aren’t fowls but mollusks, yet you have “geocaching” (gee-oh-cashing) which has nothing to do with money.

    I’m confused.

  6. Shaping up well so far.

  7. Well, 0z79 the are trying to make geosense.

  8. How can one be “partially vegan” and “100% vegetarian” at the same time?

  9. @Night_Gaunt, I’m 100% vegetarian, in that I don’t eat meat. And I’m “mostly vegan” in that I’m vegan as much as I can, but sometimes when traveling or as a guest, I will eat dairy/eggs because that is the only real option I have.

  10. Glad to see you’re sensible about it, Chris. Remember what the Captain of the Guard said on He-Man: “Never ask questions when you’re hungry.”

    Humans have survived by eating anything which did not eat them first. We have the widest diet of any mammal except the rat and the baboon. Go ahead and be vegan/vegetarian from choice when you can, but be omnivorous when you must.

    My problem in cooking for vegetarian guests is I flavor with animal products out of habit and I have to think ahead for my one vegetarian daughter. She found out being true Vegan was expensive and required a lot of work. I make things like black bean soup or five cheese mac ‘n cheese or other dishes for her. I have had no luck at all cooking with tofu, which I consider to be the love child of Styrofoam and Jello.

  11. War Pig, I know it’s a while after you made this post, but do this with tofu: drain it pretty well, get the middle firmest, then stir if or cut it into small cubes that will look like corpttage cheese. Use it along with ricotta cheese in lasagna. With a white sauce (just rice flour (I’m gluten free) and milk- you can even use soymilk or a nut milk instead, as long as it’s not sweet nor tasting of nuts.. coconut milk adds a special creaminess to the dish) and layers of veggies, it’s a very good vegetarian lasagna.
    For meat lovers, do the same only with Italian sausage. For extra color, add roasted red peppers. It’s ~divine. Friends who are meat lovers will gladly eat my “white lasagna” until it’s gone. I do still add the mozzarella and Parmesan or better yet, padano, I think it’s called. (I know I’ve misspelled that.)

  12. I like freezing extra firm tofu, which turns it into a sponge. This then soaks up any desired flavor.

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