05/20/15 First Contact 07

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  1. Foxglove arms herself with a blackjack… Meanwhile, Anna and an ominous jellyfishy spidery blob thing reach out to each other. Chances are, Anna’s first contact will provide better results than Foxglove’s would have.

  2. Great perspective and lighting in first panel.

  3. Ghost jellyfish?

  4. I have tried, many times, to get that angle which you show in panel 1 & can never get it to look even remotely decent. You must teach me your skilz.

  5. Thanks! I took a photo reference of a friend. But the shadows help IMMENSELY, because they show the change in plane. 🙂

  6. Uh oh, Danger, Will Robinson!…
    I’m with all the pals about that first panel: Great!

  7. @Christopher, Well then it’s a good thing you’re working in a two-dimensional medium. If you had tried to sculpt panel 1 in, say, wood, then you’d have to say …

    ( … wait for it … )

    the change in plane shows mainly in the stain.

    And Anna, STAY AWAY FROM TENTACLED GLOWING LIFE FORMS! You don’t know if those tentacles are covered in poisonous thingies, much less knowing where they’ve been. And in nature, glowing life forms usually use the glow to attract food. Or sexual partners. Or both. (Sometimes at the same time.) No matter how you slice it, it won’t be a happy time for you.

  8. If she slices it, I bet the giant glowing jellyfish won’t like that.

  9. Resembles a giant floating jellyfish. Doesn’t mean it is one in that particular exoecology.

  10. Another major reason to be bright and flashy is to warn others “Stay away! Or Else!” Of course, that is also a reason not to be going in for huggies. So our lass looks to be rather suicidal. Still, this is a story, and so we can expect much more positive results.

  11. I guess Farpoint Station and its partner got busy?

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