Remember kids. This is why you don’t touch floating alien gelatinous tentacle things.

Sister and beau are going away for a couple of days, leaving Cedra and I to housesit. Party at their house!

05/22/15 First Contact 08

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  1. I hope it finds Anna poisonous.

    “What’s wrong with it? Why’s it curling up like that?”
    “It’s going into Anna Galactic shock.”

    What’s wrong with everyone? Why are you curling up like that?

  2. The pun! It burns! Aaaahhhh!

  3. “It’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Embrace your Noodly Master!”

  4. I know she just smashed her head a couple of times going down the hill, but that’s no excuse for the gross stupidity and terrible reflexes displayed in today’s strip, Ms. Galactic.

  5. Told you so…

  6. @coyoty: Bahahahahaha!

    Looks like it also emits some kind of pheremones? Anna doesn’t seem quite with it.

  7. I really like the dynamic stance and face in panel 9. Nicely done.

  8. I totally get Foxglove – people not listening to _me_ is definitely the start of problems.

  9. With that child like wonder…and lack of knowledge of this life-form could be a killer.

  10. Do not feed the animals.

  11. @KNO3, Ahh, but on this planet, who are the animals?

  12. yes.. get close to the glowing alien jellyfish, what could go wrong?

  13. Tentacle monster? Is this turning into some anime of the freaky sort?

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