(update) Strip inked and colored and uploaded! link to pencil I posted previously (/update/)

It’s been a traveling week, but apparently I didn’t get far enough ahead.

I left Mt Shasta on Monday, and I thought I’d get in Wednesday night or mid-day Thursday, but it is looking like I won’t be in until late Thursday night. SO, assuming that’s the case, I have posted the (digital) pencils for you, so that you don’t miss out on story.

Friday day I’ll ink and color it and upload the proper strip.

Just poked through Arches National Park, and it was amazing. What a strange lovely landscape makes up our world!

06/05/15 Setting Out 02

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  1. Been to Arches Natl Park 10 years ago. I hope you took the hiking trip which on the map looks like a little slope but turns out to be a solid 2-3 hour hike. Truly, standing on that house of a rock which is part of this hike, looking over the rough desert fields, I shall not forget that day, ever. My envy travels with you. Have a beautiful time!

  2. ha ha ha! That Pewter is lots of fun!

  3. I see the bird-analogue left a little comment on the back of Pewter’s head.

  4. @Erik, no hiking. Was sadly needing to get to Albuquerque, and so it was a drive in, get out and walk under an arch or two, and out. But I hope to go back in colder parts of the year and camp. 🙂

  5. That bird has a heck of a grip – and a sense of humor.

  6. I always found the park to be especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset. The red light reflecting on the red rocks, the shadows dancing and shifting. Reminded me of Michael Frye’s photographs.

  7. Misspelled “Coincidence”.

  8. Thanks, @Herandar! Fixed! 🙂

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