06/03/15 Setting Out 01

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  1. A spy! It’s pretending to be an earth creature and blend in, but not doing a very good job.

  2. Does Pewter always sit there with his arms thrown up, or is it an alert because the spy bird is going through his database??

  3. @Herandar, his arms are down in his first panel. They fly up when the bird lands on his head. 🙂

  4. Somehow I really want them to meet a lost group consisting of a bear, a dog, a vulture, and a quiet little girl.

    Or this planet’s version thereof.

  5. @Frith Ra, what do you think just happened with Anna?

    FWIW, go do a Google search on “spy pigeon” and see all the articles that come up regarding the Pakistani pigeon that was arrested by Indian police for spying.

  6. Coyote, that was the planet,s version of a nectar feeder. Similar to but not exactly as a Terran humming bird.

  7. Pewter seems to be in rather a panic about having a bird on his head….although, considering that the bird seems to be having no trouble staying on that smooth metal head despite all the jumping around….

  8. @Christopher Baldwin: No, I get that. I still think that’s a technological spybird.

  9. Humming birds just forgot the words.
    They like nectar, not cheese curds.

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