06/10/15 Setting Out 04

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  1. Call it a honeydon’t. Or a can’t-a-nope.

  2. Nobody I’ve ever seen wrap fingers in RL has ever wrapped them so neatly and separately, usually someone just ends up with mittens, sort of.

  3. @Coyoty, isn’t “honeydon’t” a Beatles song? 😉

    @Frith Ra, since it’s a burn (not a break) I imagined the bandage having a built-in healing/pain-relieving salve, so needed to touch all the skin.

  4. Are you just not doing tags anymore? Want to delegate the job to a regular reader?

  5. @Herandar, recently I realized: with most strips there are either many characters or themes, but with this, almost every strip was “foxglove, teapot, Anna, pewter.” So, recently I though, “it serves no purpose.” Unless you can think of a reason?

  6. Might be useful in the long term if the story’s eventually going to introduce new characters?

  7. Always could be Durians. They smell like crap, but plenty of people who try them get addicted to the taste.

  8. I wonder if this is possible. After all, the purpose of the sense of taste is to detect poisons.

  9. @Golux, aren’t durians made of nothing? (French joke)

  10. Consistency was the main thing I thought of. Plus tracking Purplehair Eyescar cameos!

    Oh, and Chris, did you see the pictures of the baby pudu born at the Queens Zoo last month? Gave me fond Little Dee feelings.

  11. @Herandar, baby Pudus are heart stoppingly cute. 🙂

  12. Anna’s reaction to the fruit is exactly how I feel about grapefruit.

  13. @Muzhik; now you’ve made me wonder if there even still IS Indian River Grapefruit? Florida has had some horrible blights and weather since I was last out there to Merritt Island; the juice in the O&C Building cafeteria dispenser was amazing! It might even change your mind…

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