06/12/15 Setting Out 05

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  1. Knives are perfect for digging holes in your skin. Better than forks, and especially spoons. You might get a decent hole from a grapefruit spoon, though.

  2. @Coyoty Oh my god grapefruit spoons are terrifying. If you ever need to dig someone’s eyes out with your silverware…

  3. …Ah, yes. THAT’S why I read the comments – for the delightful conversation. 😛

  4. You can’t encrypt a frequency, only the data transmitted on it. And unless it’s specifically been designed to be stealthy (which seems unlikely for a child tracker) you can still take bearings on the carrier. Also it depends whether the implants constantly send status, or are silent until queried. I work in computing and radio, and the way supposed SF treats both subjects irks me greatly. Hacking usually seems to involve scrolling a long text file up the screen…

  5. You can switch through a list of frequencies known only to the transmitter and receiver. A rather old technique for masking transmissions, sometimes called ‘frequency hopping’, invented by Hedy Lamarr (see The frequency sequence can be algorithmically adaptive which helps in case some frequencies are jammed.

  6. Other than frequency hopping, you can use a quantum computer to do the hopping algorithm for you faster. Another means is to jam it. Build a miniature Faraday cage around it to block its transmissions. In this case digging it out of someone seems the only viable, painful, bleeding way.

  7. @TheLoneReader, Grapefruit spoons might work in a pinch, but I prefer using melon ballers when I need to do that. Which I don’t need to do very often. Almost never, and I have no idea what happened to the Professor and why are you asking me these questions?

  8. The biggest problem with using a grapefruit spoon is they often squirt in your eye.

  9. Don’t worry Coyoty, it’s just your own blood, not someone else’s.

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