I am now in Texas, painting every moment that I’m not drawing, sleeping, or at dinner parties. Crazy times.

06/15/15 Setting Out 06

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  1. Made me think of the shot lines in boot camp. A corpsman on either side, with air guns and BIG reservoirs of whatever they were dispensing that day, so you couldn’t flinch away. They synchronized, and we went on – to ANOTHER pair. Then out the door to do a dozen pushups in the parking lot before we marched back to the Quonset huts, or whatever the next excitement of the day was to be. Too busy to get scared.

  2. Did Anna lose some teeth or something? Her dentition looked quite perfect before.

  3. @cthulhuearring, did you mean Foxglove? Foxglove was gritting her teeth, represented by her jaw being offset.

    Looks like Punch Buggy is still played on journeys in the future. “That was a jellyfish, not a bug!” “Looked like a Volkswagen to me.”

  4. Anna and Foxglove enjoyed that far too much.

  5. Chris, I think @cthulhuearring was referring to the black spot to the left of Foxglove’s mouth in panels 5 and 6. It makes it look like she’s missing a tooth…

  6. @cthulhuearring, if you mean Foxglove, I see what you mean. It is one way of comic shorthand showing her jutting her bottom teeth out a bit more than the top, but could be interpreted as having lost a tooth as well. I’ll ponder if I want to change it, but whether or not I do, thank you for pointing it out. 🙂

  7. Their shirts just happen to have slits that open up for access to their upper arms, but he has to roll his sleeve up…

    Nothing the least bit odd about that. Nope…

  8. @Galane: Dilvan strikes you as a follower of fashion? Seems reasonable to me that the soldier wouldn’t have the newest style of clothing.

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