Phew. This weekend I’m heading up to Madison, WI. I’m on the edge of my buffer of strips, so cross your fingers. I’m still hoping for no interruptions. 🙂

06/19/15 Setting Out 08

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  1. You don’t need the nannybot any more then either.

  2. Yes we need it! we need that nannybot for the lols!! =P

  3. Terrible to think that making music is for children only unless that is a child’s toy. Then it makes more sense.

  4. Even more, it’s a handle to track them by!

  5. @ Night-Gaunt

    “Terrible to think that making music is for children ”

    Unfortunately not that rare an opinion IRL 🙁

    I’m starting to like Mr “Teapot” Ceylon more and more.

  6. Also, remember that she’s a teen, and so might be more prone to quick extreme judgements (and if she’s been playing for many many years, she probably ASSOCIATES it with being a kid. Whereas Foxglove and Teapot are at least a decade older.

  7. And a flute can be used to dig holes. If the case is metal, boil water. Act as a bludgeon. Etc…

    And you leave no trace you were there.

  8. Anna apparently doesn’t play adventure games. The oddest inventory items often turn out to be the critical ones you have to keep.

  9. I think you left a questionmark out in the first panel. “What’s that in the corner of the cave” should have one.

  10. Hmmm How about….

    “music sooths the savage beast”,
    “Music is a salve for the soul”,

    Music might also be used for communication of intelligence and culture to an otherwise alien species, since music and math can be so interconnected and hopefully, universal.

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