Theoretically when this posts, I’ll be screaming across Kansas on my way to Madison, WI.

Oh, and while in Sherman, TX, I finished a painting of my friend, Matt. See a larger size on the oil painting page (link also on the right hand image links).


06/22/15 Setting Out 09

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  1. Not to far to drive? Ah! Short cut!

  2. It drives people cuckoo. It’s a cuckoo clock.

    I think I’m going to get clocked.

  3. Kerin Schiesser

    Your friendly fan editorial staff is respectfully urging you to correct “Your driving me crazy” to “You’re driving me crazy.”

    Loving the comic, no other criticisms! 🙂 Looking forward to possibly seeing them meet aliens on a more talky, less burning-uppy encounter? Maybe? 🙂

  4. Could punctuate it thus: “Your driving. Me crazy.”

    The think knocking on itself is obviously a curiosity lure. There must be at least one species on the planet drawn to odd noises, much less wary than most* humans and other sapient life forms.

    A curious animal would get closer then *CLOCK* the whatever it is whacks it dead then either directly eats or absorbs it or lets it lie there to decompose so its nutrients can be absorbed from the soil.

    *Re. Anna getting stuck to the flammable jelly tentacle monster. She’ll likely never do *that* again but inexperience with danger is what got her into that mess.

  5. Great painting Chris! it feels so… alive.
    (sorry, I don’t know the right word to describe it)

  6. Your/you’re, am on the road, will fix tonigh!

    Thanks, Karlos!

  7. Grammar: it should be “You’re driving me crazy”. And she seems to be the only sane one in the story.

  8. Why for are you going to Madison? Just wondering. I’m an hour from Madison on the way to Milwaukee.

  9. Hey, @Rose. Going to visit friends, including on of them getting married. 🙂

  10. I like the line from “U.S. Marshals”:

    “Is he crazy?”
    “No, but he’s a carrier.”

  11. Then again sanity is for the weak.

  12. or as a friend use to say “It’s not a drive, it’s a putt”

  13. It’s a SHORT putt!!

  14. Christopher: Have fun in Madison. It’s a great city.

  15. Thanks, @Rose! I’d suggest meeting up for a coffee, but I think my schedule is pretty tight here for the brief time I’m in town.

    And the strip is updated. Fixed “your/you’re”

  16. Reminds me of an OOOLLLDDD joke:

    I had the clock repair man come to fix my grandfather clock. I met him at the door, a little old wizened man. I told him, “The clock will go ‘tick’ but it won’t tock.”

    The man nodded, and shuffled towards the clock. Pulling a large flashlight from his work-belt, he shown it brightly into the face of the clock, and intoned:

    “Ve haff VAYS of making you tock!”

  17. SWMBO and I do a running joke; “No need to drive; it’s a short walk!”

  18. Single White Male Body Odor??

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