I am full of wedding activity things in Madison. Hellllllooooo! 🙂

06/26/15 Setting Out 11

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  1. Or as my daughter the mathematician puts it,
    “Don’t drink and derive.”

  2. Ah, but crows fly over swamps, steep hills, open ground that makes one easy to spot, and fast moving rivers.

  3. But if I drink and fly, it means I can fly. I’ll worry about landing later.

  4. Is that like “we shall never speak about the swamp story?”

  5. “The distance was about 3 miles as the crow flew. If, as they say, the crow walked, it was more like 15.”

    -Pat McManus (probably not an exact quote, but pretty close)

  6. Flying is easy, you just throw yourself at the ground and miss. Really it’s the landings that are of more impact.


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