I’ve had Thai food with peanut sauce four days in a row now, all from different places (one I made myself). I missed the PacNW.

07/15/15 The City 06

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  1. This graphic novel is so very fun. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Let me second DAV0’s statement. This strip keeps making my day. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  3. “I”m just getting rid of these small explosives. Somebody could get hurt.”

    OK. Stepping back very carefully away from Pewter.
    I would suggest Foxglove to have her favorite EOD unit on speed dial.

    Just a guess, wouldn’t the manufacturer of these small explosives be some Chekhov, by any chance?

  4. Small explosives … need* to rescue Teapot … small explosives … need – Wait a minute!

  5. * should probably rescue Teapot. I suppose.

  6. @Helianthus, don’t be silly. The “Checkov Arms” company only makes pistols! Rifles and shotguns are too bulky to conceal onstage.

  7. Small explosives dangerous? Silly robot, those are light entertainment.

  8. Checkov’s Small Explosive is a variant of Checkov’s Gun, right? Checkov’s Land Mine and Checkov’s Booby-trap are less obvious so they usually need some narrative to blatantly point them out to the reader.

    ‘Course this is quite a ways past the first act.

  9. “Might be nice if we had some grenades with us…” — Jayne Cobb

  10. Small device does not necessarily mean small explosion. If a nuke can fit into a suitcase with our current level of scientific understanding; think of what a space-faring civilization’s military might fit in a grenade sized package.

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