I am off to dog-sit for my sister’s aging sweet furry companion. What are itinerant sibling cartoonists for, if not that? 😉

07/17/15 The City 07

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  1. Or he killed the Wicked Witch of the East and they’re taking him to see the Wizard…

  2. I agree Coyoty, but wizard of what? Cooking? Torture? Money?

  3. ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ We’re off to see the wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

    Good one Coyoty!!

  4. The tactician and the diplomat. Foxglove’s not quite as impulsive as first impression seems, and Anna will probably find her sense of humor and figure out when Foxglove’s cracking a sarcastic joke.

    Foxglove’s is one of those people who adds narrative stories to reality to make it more interesting and Anna is very literal and has been sheltered from reality.

    The interaction is fun to watch.

  5. You’re a good man to dog-sit for your sister, Chris. I believe in doing good deeds whenever possible, if for no other reason than karma points. But I have a feeling it’s more than that, because I always feel better about myself when I do. And what’s more important in life than feeling good about yourself?

  6. @Kona, I can think of a few more important things. Like Chocolate! And Sex. Well, maybe sex. But definitely Chocolate.

  7. Now Chris if you can just try out your dog control language and see if the pup can become your slave and spy for you against your sister….others have bred cats to be in low level telepathic contact for soldiers in the field…meowwwww.

    Nice characterization via enjoyable colloquy.

  8. What if those jellyfish things were milked for fuel?

  9. Perhaps it’s a gender bias…… he was the only male.

    Perhaps this is sacred ground where only females are allowed. That would explain why the ladies were left alone. The NEB’s might have been able to detect the difference between genders without a visual inspection.

    I mean ….dogs can smell cancer… it’s not really that big a stretch, right?

    Although I expect it will be for murder charges.

    Can’t wait to see whats next! Great work so far man! Almost on par with Kaja & Phil Foglio’s works and other works of that caliber. I love how the strip always makes me want to read the next one right away.

    These comments are a hoot too! I hope people keep posting more of them as they read for the first time; so that you can see how much we enjoy reading your work throughout the years!


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