07/22/15 The City 09

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  1. Foxglove is secretly unnerved as well. She’s just better at hiding it.

    Unrelated note, all this talk about NEBS reminds me of Red Dwarf, where Rimmer thinks an ancient alien civilization is responsible for sending them a garbage pod for SECRET ALIEN REASONS that cannot be understood because they are aliens.

  2. So, this alien race that use tentacles to manipulate objects and locomote as quadruped hoofed beings, build a STAIRCASE up to their city with steps conveniently spaced for climbing by humans (and Pewter)? Curious…

  3. @Seymour Joseph, Maybe they’re just city-sitting for the occupants while they’re on vacation.

    And based on Pewter’s reaction, is “painting” the nanny-bot version of “stuffing”?

  4. @seymour joseph, It could be for authorized human visitors, but it’s also possible that it’s easier and safer to stand on a level surface than an inclined plane, even when you have tentacles. 😉

  5. Not sure why, exactly, but I mostly find myself wondering what the NEBs smell like…

  6. @fookiesan, I’ll betcha they smell like teen spirit, dude…

  7. So I wonder, if these aliens have 15 legs, why are there stairs? Stairs are for us bipedal weirdos…

  8. Stairs are simple machines, like levers and wheels. They work for as many legs as you have. Quadrapeds use stairs, too, including hooved animals. One indication the stairs aren’t made for humans is they don’t have railings. You don’t need railings when you have tentacles to brace yourself from falling over.

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