Another painting I did of my friend Anya and I, sized 16″x20.″Also posted on the oil painting page.


07/20/15 The City 08

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  1. “So I was telling my doctor how I couldn’t release my darts, and he… Don’t move, Øʢʮʉѫѫ… I’ll get the invader spray…”

  2. She would make a great Fair Witness with all those conscious avoidance of assumptions

  3. Possibly Episcopalians, but definitely not Presbyterians.

  4. Holy cow! Are you doing hundreds of oil paintings we’re NOT seeing, or is your talent really improving that fast? You’ve always done well at it but they’ve really ramped up lately, the lighting in this latest one is fantastic!

  5. Thanks, @Pancakes! There’s a few more I haven’t posted (which I will over the next month). But I think I’m both improving in skill and improving in choosing and setting up source material. 🙂

  6. I agree with @pancakes, that’s a great painting.

    Interesting facial expressions – were the two of you scowling at each other?

  7. Ditto on the improvement comments, this painting is excellent.

  8. @Chris At first glance I thought that painting was a photo. Quit your day job and become a full time painter. 😉

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