Another painting. Not sure if I posted this before, but it wasn’t on my page of paintings, so I’m adding it now.


07/27/15 The City 11

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  1. I’d be at a restaurant. Hopefully not on a plate.

  2. I know Anna is pretty worked up in panel 4, but I’m not sure if she really wants Foxglove to “stop stop” using air quotes. Or maybe that’s a slang thing–I just can’t keep up with kids in the future anymore.

  3. @Fookiesan, Doh! Thanks, fixed! 🙂

  4. @fookiesan, I believe that’s what’s known as a “full stop.”

    And they must have some hella good workout regimens back on the ship. All that time walking uphill, carrying packs (albeit small ones) and none of them are puffing, wheezing, or otherwise exhibiting signs of exercise-related distress. (Aside from Pewter, but he’s not distressed, just miffed.)

  5. Or he could be getting his “oil changed” or having a “tune up” or maybe even some “body work” and almost certainly getting his “tires rotated.”

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