07/29/15 The City 12

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  1. Hmm… mostly empty city apparently in good working order. Locals must be at an event.

  2. It must be Jelly Murderer Trial Day.

  3. @Kno3 & @Coyoty, actually, it is mostly because I usually draw cities with NOBODY in them. This is my version of a lot of beings. I should really go back in and add more. I will. Maybe Thursday.

  4. Clearly it is the mid-morning siesta.

  5. There are beings on the stairs. I only noticed the absence of a shopowner at an otherwise apparently open shop. Maybe just lurking in the back?

  6. @ CompaniaHill, NOT “lurking”. Showing culturally appropriate deference towards a potential customer, waiting for them to make their selection without interference, before bringing the items to the back to be “rung up”. THEN the shopkeeper can ply the customer with suggestions for different accessories to go with the purchase, and did you know we have 20% off on our designer spoo today?

  7. (Oh, cr*p, I’m going to get dinged because I forgot to offer to sign him up for our RedCard program with his purchase. There goes my end-of-the-period bonus.)

  8. Do you mean “hangars” in frame #1?

  9. “Clearly it is the mid-morning siesta.”
    Or second breakfast.

  10. Up-selling is distinctly uncivilized. Really only the worst cultures tend to do it. I heartily agree that it’s only good manners to let the customer “window shop” in peace.

    It is also interesting to note that inside the city there seem to be lots of railings on the stairs. Perhaps the lack of stairs leading to the city are defensive in nature?

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