Here’s another painting I did, which will be in my solo show, running the month of September in Glens Falls, NY at the Crandall Library.

“In the Hour of our Greatest Need,” sized 26″x20,″ and finished around April, 2015. (I also added this to my painting page, which you can see in the image links to your right)

08/05/15 The City 15

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  1. Nowadays, with all that’s happening in our world, I’m starting to reason in the same way as pewter…
    A very nice composition in that painting!

  2. Well… no repeat offenders I guess…

  3. @KNO3, well, in spirit only…

  4. That painting is awesome.

  5. Hello! I’m reading this again from the start and it’s a real pleasure.
    Btw, there’s a R missing in first panel ‘slice thRough those’.

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