On a linky note, here’s a newly-published story by Stewart Baker (the awesome talented guy who also has helped write all the html for this site). It’s filled with egregiously silly mad science style trope tugging. Enjoy! 

08/03/15 The City 14

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  1. It’s very simple. Anna and Foxglove are guests. Teapot isn’t. I’m assuming the jelly was also a guest and Teapot violated the rules of behavior by killing it.

  2. What happened here? Did Anna fall and was caught by the neb? It looks a bit like that and it seems to fit the storyline but I’m not sure what happened in panel 4.

  3. The NEB bumped her, knocked her off her feet. Then it picked her up and went on its way.

  4. Ah, but did the NEB pick her pocket?

  5. Who needs pockets with voice command knapsacks?

  6. This is it. This is the point I’m starting to really like this comic. I knew Baldwin was going to bring the good stuff once again.

  7. (Psst… You might want to remove that accidental apostrophe from the first balloon in panel three… Thanks…)

  8. Thanks, @Companiahill! Fixed!

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