08/24/15 The City 23

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  1. “How much are we bid for this fine skymonster warrior? I have personally seen it defeat a dreaded dronindraga!”
    “Yeah, right. What did it do, breathe fire on the draga and make it go poof?”

  2. Looks good. They don’t decorate their city with corpses, neat clean polite. Even their criminals look polite.

    Looks like Teapot is going to get a fair trial and a fairer community service.

  3. You know the stereotypically clean and polite Japanese have, like, a 99% conviction rate, right? There’s not really any correlation between an ordered society and a free society – perhaps the opposite.

  4. I know. You do know that Japanese criminals in general aren’t polite.

  5. @KNO3, True, except for their monomaniacal supervillians. They’re very polite. In the course of developing their superweapons that will subjugate the world, they’ve learned that a little politeness can work wonders when instilling a bond of loyalty from their minions to themselves. That and a dollop of the “Insta-slave” ™ potion that didn’t make it out of research in time to be used in this takeover attempt.

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