Great news! “Little Dee and the Penguin” due out in April next year by Penguin/Dial books, is available for pre-sale from a variety of online retailers.

It’s a full color, 128 pages, a graphic novel story featuring the main cast from Little Dee. And hopefully with many sequels (that’s in discussion).

08/26/15 The City 24

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  1. Best. News. Ever.
    Congratulations, Christopher!

  2. Erik, Erik, ERIK! Hi! And thank you. I’m so excited. 🙂

  3. Flying is falling to the ground and missing.

  4. Yay Little Dee book!!!

  5. Poor teapot gets all the hate. Love the comic!!!!!

  6. An A for your Christopher. Excellent!
    I like the design of the locals, their architecture and those gliders. The design of the locals reminds me of the Q’n qnx or star-headed Old Ones from Lovecraft. A radial symmetrical species on land!

  7. Yikes! No vertical stabilizer, not a Rogallo wing, and aft fuselage drag is gonna be rough-might even be a bit tumbly. *shudder* Wouldn’t want to pilot that one.

  8. Flying consists of _Throwing_ yourself at the ground, and missing!

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