09/07/15 The City 29

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  1. There are pits on the ship? I forget, how long has the ship been on the planet? Was Anna old enough to be outside on another planet before the trip?

  2. If I learned anything from Star Wars, it’s that spacecraft commonly have insanely deep pits with no guardrails located in traveled areas.

  3. Or was Pewter teaching her a history lesson about the Atari 2600 E.T. game? Here’s a version all fixed up and actually playable.

  4. Ahh.. and Pewter is untrustworthy. Not news.

  5. Was it explained at some point in the story that Pewter was reprogrammed? Because his behavior is totally inappropriate for a nanny-bot. Which is fine by me, but if this is the standard model bot, I don’t know why anyone would risk buying one.

  6. Okay, now I don’t trust that Nannie bot as far as I can tip it into a deep dark well.

  7. Obviously.

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