09/04/15 The City 28

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  1. Heh, maybe all Teapot needs is a match…

  2. It… just had a massage. Yes. Massage. An oil massage. Look how relaxed it is… It’s in Heaven…

  3. If you’re tied down for the slow moving thing to get you, having the slow moving thing get you is not going to be a good thing.

    That’s gotta be something like Teapot’s Law or something.

  4. Teapot, meet Kettle.

  5. Are they *never* going to call him Dilvan? Or maybe at least find out the story behind his nickname? Maverick and Goose are curious.

  6. @Companiahill, later in the script his name is explained. 🙂

  7. The prisoner was killed but no sign of being devoured or ripped apart in an exceptionally messy way, just some blood suggesting a pretty clean kill. So the executioner is either a very well trained animal, or is intelligent as well.

  8. I always figured “Teapot” was a play on his last name, Ceylon …Ceylon tea, get it? (or I could be an overly obsessed tea-drinker).

    So is anyone else disturbed by the casual position of the being in the pulpit-thing? It reminds me of someone leaning their elbows on a fence, just watching the world go by.

    also looks like giant spider-legs in the retreating…thing. not real eager to meet that, whatever it is.

  9. @Mouse, those things aren’t legs, they were the claws that we saw hanging from the ceiling in the previous comic.

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