09/11/15 The City 31

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  1. Harbor Freight has survived that far into the future?

  2. She may have to kill the judge. Humans are going to have the terrible reputation for assassinating NEB officials. Or be hailed as liberators for killing the alien oppressors.

  3. Reminds of a feature of my smartphone: Whacking it two times turns the torchlight on/off.

  4. Jesse’s “Harbor Freight” joke made me laugh out loud. Bravo!

    Comic entertainment as a collaborative effort.

  5. @Jesse, yes, it’s survived into the future, but it’s been bought and sold a time or two. Now it’s known by the name “Spaceport Sally’s Scratch and Dent.”

  6. Glad Foxglove got the cutter working – but since he is chained only by one hand, couldn’t he just jump off the platform and get out of the way? Those anchor points are right by the edge –

    And I’m wondering how he is identifying “terrified” opposed to “surprised” “confused” “waiting to see how this is going to work out”…

  7. Ah, maintenance, the things we forget.

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