Since there wasn’t a good punchline ending place, I popped in a non-cannon silly punchline at the end there. Happy Monday!

Oh, and happy 100th page! It’s the 99th page online, but in the actual book-layed-out pages, I hit 100! Yay! πŸ™‚

09/14/15 The City 32

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  1. Now’s not too early to be thinking about the NEXT move, like gettin’ OUTA TOWN!
    Don’t particularly like their courts, either!

  2. “And then he climbed up the side of a wall…”
    “The same creature you said incinerated the Great Jelly with a touch? And now he’s got superNEBian strength and defies gravity?”
    “Yes, tzer.”
    “I told you not to drink on duty…”
    “But I saw it too, tzer!” “Me too!” “I saw it too!”
    “…without inviting me. That must have been some party!”

  3. Ah, yes, nuthin’ like ah ‘bot breaking th’ law…

  4. 100 pages already? wow. It has been a good story. Congratulations!

  5. 100 pages of fun … love the story.

  6. Keeping human children at least 400 paces away would be a great skill.

    Also, cannon humor would be something like “Did you hear about Schwerer Gustav? He was run out of town on a rail!” I suspect you mean non-canon humor, with one n.

  7. Twunnng? I think a grappling hook shot from a metal bot would be more of a Twinnnng. ;->

  8. Pewter seems to be doing some property damage, there…wonder what the penalty for that is?

    See, this is why no one likes aliens….they blunder around, killing pets, scarring up the windowsills, just generally messing the place up.

  9. Wow. Looks like they both just escaped being caught by the Great Tickle Fingers of Death.

  10. Q. What is an injury suffered during a slapstick comedy routine?

    A. Blunt Farce Trauma.

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