09/23/15 The City 36

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  1. “Didn’t you see those sky monsters leaving the city just now?”
    “Why didn’t you stop them? They were the fugitives!”
    “All sky monsters look alike to me.”

  2. OT: Your website needs a custom icon. Not sure what it should be, maybe your cartoon head?? The Diary style, I’m thinking.

  3. Or maybe an Eeb??

  4. @Herandar, ror the site, or the URL bar?

  5. What a very human hand adapted cupboard type handle!

    There is a story behind these that don’t cather to tentacled appendages optimally. I can’t wait to hear about that. (-:

  6. Hahahaha! You guys keep me honest. 🙂

  7. Or, at least, laughing at my own foibles.

  8. For the URL bar, I guess. I associate it with the site because the browsers show it on my favorite’s list next to the shortcut name.

  9. Here’s an example of how to add it to the section of your webpage. They’re short, so you should do all of them just to be sure. If not Anna herself, maybe Pewter?

  10. Yeah, but this is Chris’ personal site, and not dedicated to specific strip. That’s why I think his cartoon head would be ideal.

  11. I believe you can have different favicons for different parts of the site, if your web tech helper can help set that up.

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