Cedra and I went to the Adirondack Balloon Festival Sunday morning. We were very tired, having gotten up at 5:20 to get there for morning launch. I’ve never actually been to a proper balloonfest, and so, only half joking, I asked someone “So, we heard there was a balloonfest going on. Any idea where the balloons are?”

And now I know, even with a slight breeze, balloons stay down, rolled up, put away. What a bummer. Although it was still a lovely (albeit dreamy-tired) day.


09/21/15 The City 35

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  1. Chris,

    You need to come to the Albuquerque Balloon festival in 02 OCT to 11 OCT. Worlds largest Balloon festival. with over 1,000 hot air balloons. -I gotta couch, you’re welcome to stay here…

  2. “We lose so much judge chow that way.”

  3. One would think that Pewter’s arms and/or legs would extend, so he could actually help, instead of pantomiming that he is pushing.

  4. They look kinda sad…. sad their ‘judge’ couldn’t eat the tasty Human.

  5. And so, the aliens have destroyed yet ANOTHER major cultural/historical artifact.

    Stupid humans.

  6. Depending on the evolutionary tract of this planet they many not be able to eat us and live. If so then the entire planet would be toxic or just unassimilateable. Unless I missed them eating local plant and animal life.

  7. @Night-Gaunt: Foxglove tests and eats a local berry before the flathead snake threatens her in the very first strip.

  8. Nebs: “Well, damn. Guess we gotta build another one of those. Just head on over here to our construction cabinet and… AHHHH!”
    Crew: “Aaaaah!”
    Nursebot: “OoooOooh! Uh. I mean AHHHH!”

  9. The NEBs are surprisingly expressive given their lack of human shape. Very nicely drawn.

    Although I imagine that craft as a simple glider, so its detonation is exactly as innocent seeming as some boy’s soapbox racer exploding in a giant fireball.

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