Cedra and I made a pie this week. I made the crust and the yummy apple innards. And then she topped it with art.


09/28/15 The City 38

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  1. A Cookrookery pie!

  2. Oh man that is the coolest pie ever.

  3. “You really brought that bird to life.”
    “Well, you don’t think I’m going to eat a DEAD bird, do you?”

  4. Great art in the pie and beatiful art in her website (I didnt know her, thanks for the link). Also, should comment that I’m reading through the archive of Bruno these days, really enjoying it.

  5. All those who dislike Pewter: Consider that he was probably programmed by Anna’s parents, who have seemed consistently terrible for the duration of the strip.

  6. Anna is the biggest risk taker of the four by far. It is always the quiet ones.

  7. Oh, and awesome looking pie.

  8. Cool! How did you make the crust, being vegan and all?

    (I can never say “vegan” without thinking of an extraterrestrial, maybe someone from Venus, or someone who likes the music of Suzanne Vega. And yes, I’m yammering, because otherwise I’m going to go to the kitchen and make a peach pie with the canned peaches that need to be used up soon.)

  9. wow, art certainly can be found in everywhere.

  10. Best food art. Anna’s confidence in disregard of proven inability qualifies her for Navy flight school.

  11. Wait. A Vegan is from Vega right?

  12. Muzhik – why on earth would you not want to turn peaches into lovely peach pie? I mean, granted, fresh peaches would be better…but pie!

    Although I’m not sure I could bear to eat that one – would hate to break up that beautiful crust!

    And even vegans can have fat, just not animal fat – there are many varieties of vegetable fats that are quite useful – coconut oil, even Crisco (my mom even had a pie crust recipe that used liquid oil – made a nice easy crust).

    Not sure about Vegans.

  13. Herandar – yeah, just realized, if she misses her parents for the awful nicknames, Pewter is probably programmed _exactly_ as they would wish….

  14. In those models one aligns one’s four lines of sight with the compass directions and puts one’s side tentacles into the appropriate control panels for steering. The front tentacle is for acceleration, obviously, and the back tentacle is left free for taking calls and texting, praying, and ejecting.

    Quite simple really. What could go wrong?

  15. @Muzhik, what @Mouse said. Crust is easy. Flour, some sort of fat (I’ve been using Earth Balance), and water.

  16. @Mouse, I went on a pie-making binge a couple of years back — lots of flour, lots of butter’n’lard, lots of tears over crusts that would tear while fitting in the pan. I’m afraid of falling into that pie pit again. (Plus, I’ve never had the courage to try @Christopher’s pie crust where he substituted avocado for the butter’n’lard.)

    Yes, I could go buy a pre-made crust, but I think the crust is a major part of the pie experience. And I’m aware of the flour-and-oil crust. That’s called an “Iowa State Fair Crust”, because while it may have been around for a while, it got its first big notice (and instructions on making) after it was used in a blue-ribbon pie at the Iowa State Fair a couple of decades back.

    @Christopher — water? Water? NO! You use vodka that’s been kept in the freezer for a couple of days. That way, you add moisture without encouraging gluten growth and keeping the fat sheets from melting into each other.

  17. Four and twenty blackbirds?

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