09/30/15 The City 39

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  1. Maybe it flies like a paper airplane. Down then swoop up, down then swoop up, etc. Teapot should enjoy that.

  2. It looks only slightly more aerodynamic than a brick with wings.

  3. Weight and balance! Get your center of balance under the center of the wing or you’re going to have the opposite problem very quickly. And the stall that will do you in.

  4. Quick! Turn Teapot around! He can provide some jet propulsion!

  5. I don’t see ailerons. It’s probably weight steered.

  6. Th wings and tail look like they’re movable. Big hinges on the wings in panel 1. Weight steered only works if there is a harness to hang from, which there isn’t.

  7. That thing looks so skinny. I wonder what kind of fuel it has that the Nebs could believe it could explode so violently on its own. Or maybe the Nebs are just easily tricked.

  8. @CompaniaHill, or, to misquote one of The Treehouse of Terror episodes from “The Simpsons”:

    “Surrender, Nebs! Your superior intelligence is no match for our puny weapons!”

  9. “Ouurkle” sums up the situation nicely! 🙂

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