Annnd… my dearest Cedra, super-talented and who I am totally sweet on, has launched an Indiegogo campaign. Even the video has me charmed. Check it out.

and of course, more #inktober 12,13 & 14 (the ones I did over the weekend as well as today’s).


10/19/15 The Ambush 03

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  1. Clean powerful fuel, advanced healing factors… No wonder the captain’s in such a rush to leave the planet.

  2. Gelatinous cube? Didn’t seem very cube like to me.

  3. And works for Anna. Whoa.

  4. @Prior_Semblance, Hrm. You’re right. Originally it was going to be more cube-like. When I changed that, I forgot to change this bit of dialogue. Fixed! 🙂

  5. Cedra is indeed super talented, yo.

  6. Well, this are not what they seem in this planet… or at least not in the way we know it here on earth.

  7. oh sorry, a typo: I meant: “Things are not what they seem in thsi planet”…

  8. Oh, no! These evil conspirators attacked the Healing Monster!

  9. Hey, waydaminnut! Do I detect something like Al Capp’s schmoos in this comic’s future?

  10. So the aliens have benefits for humans. That will make them slaves of the humans should it get out. Unless a comity can be brokered. Imagine even old wounds healed without scarring. Brilliant!

  11. And these creatures are a valuable fuel source. And somehow can heal humans even though they are from an alien ecosystem.

  12. But first, in light of the Law of Something for Not Nothing, a select few have to get themselves gnawed on…

  13. Hey, were those prisoners damsels being sent to the local dragon? Ooh!

  14. @jesse tharin, yes, but they weren’t very nice damsels. One of them broke my heart in 7th grade. So it’s a win-win either way.

  15. And Christopher, kudos on your entries into Inktober! I do have to ask: are you developing a portfolio for illustrating a new edition of Dickens? (The one in the lower left corner? For some reason the name “Martin Chuzzlewit” keeps coming to mind.) Or perhaps for a novel set in pre-Civil War America? Either way, let us know and I’ll have my pre-purchase order into Amazon ASAP!

  16. @Muzhik, actually, I’ve just been drawing from old-timey pictures in “Victorian and Edwardian Fashion” by Alison Gernsheim. 🙂

    But a historical comic would be fun to draw!

  17. Steampunk? You’d absolutely bonkers rock a steampunk comic. 🙂

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