#inktober! And thanks to Audra and Scott over at the amazing webcomic Nemu*Nemu for the pen nibs to try out!


10/21/15 The Ambush 04

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  1. Everyone remembers Degray, right? No??? Sheesh.

    He’s the hairless one.

  2. Thank you both, I forgot to include an easy link back to that.

    Also mentioned here and here

  3. Pen nibs?? did you say ‘pen nibs’? let me know which ones you’re trying. Any classics (Gillotte 1000 i.e.)?
    any new worth putting ink on?

  4. A lovely drawn face. Reminds me of some of the penmanship style of 19th century illustrators.

  5. @Dweeve, I usually use the hunt 102, but this one is from japan, it says “Nikko Nikkopenk.k.” and has a big “G” on it. No idea beyond that. 🙂

    @Night_Gaunt, thanks!

  6. My guess? The punishment for Nebs is death, while Humans get their brain scrambled. The strip with Degray also suggests there’s another will, another being inside him.

  7. It’s a little strange that DeGray is warning to beware humans who fall prey to execution. If he’d seen other living people who’d gone through this, he probably wouldn’t think he was going to be executed. Unless he had seen them dead at one point, I guess. Very odd.

    Also, I’m a Hunt 104 man, myself.

  8. Degray got desane.

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