Short one today. Have a great weekend!

annnnd…. #inktober


10/23/15 The Ambush 05

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  1. Aaaaand I just noticed this arc is called “The Ambush”. Oof.

    Great line indeed, though. He’s right though, Anna probably has the least stamina of the trio and needs rest, even with potential alien healing goo coursing through her veins.

  2. Vachel’s beak looks weird. And the shading really accentuates how ovoid Ted really is. In my mind’s eye, he is not quite so rotund, so I went back and looked through some strips, and he rarely fits into any frame.

  3. Little Dee!! I love that I get to start my weekend with a quick visit from old friends.

  4. That nib holder is perversely named; it doesn’t delete anything and it’s not free.

  5. That’s it.

    I’m making a trash can that looks like Pewter, just so I can have the pleasure of seeing him being put to best possible use.

  6. Isn’t “nib holder” an insult? I.e. you nib holder!

  7. @0Z79: Post pics when you do it.

  8. Hey, I remember those guys! Hi, guys!

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