11/11/15 The Ambush 13

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  1. It’s raining crabs! Halleluia, it’s raining crabs…

    Looks like they’re intelligent, if they’re wearing clothes. Unless they’re the equivalent of grinder monkeys or pets forced to wear costumes. Then I’d predict they’re hostile.

  2. I’m predicting they’re not hostile. Not only are they wearing clothes, as Coyote noted, none of them have stabbers extended (but it’s still possible that that’s only to protect the stabbers from impact).

  3. You’ll also note that none of the original group of hostile crabs wear clothes. I’m betting this is another, more intelligent species.

  4. But… are they tasty?

  5. NEB crab fight coming up!

  6. The Vest Tribe shall fight their hated enemies, the No Vest Tribe. Makes me wonder if the tops they wear are for some kind of protection, distinction, or just artistic. We’d normally assume protection, but seems like they wouldn’t do much for ‘crabs’ and would in fact be in the way a lot.

    Also the stabby things, wonder if they can pierce that ‘crab’ hard shell? If not then it is used for hunting and / or defense from other races, not for war.

  7. @KNO3, Only one way to find out. Start throwing sticks of butter at them.

  8. Perhaps the vestless crabs are the non-sapient males and the ones with vests are the sapient females.

    It’s mating season when the males swarm and the females come out to chose mates, who stab through a hormonally softened patch on their carapaces to fertilize their eggs. Once in their mating frenzy, the males will stab and attempt to fertilize anything that’s the right degree of softness.

    If that’s the case, Foxglove just got f@$%ed in the leg.

  9. They are wearing…what ?

  10. Life jackets. Those crabs can’t swim.

  11. I was thinking more shirts and skins. I think they’ve wandered into the middle of playoff season.

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