Ugh! This post was actually about a page longer. I had maybe 15 minutes more work on it, and the file corrupted (during one of my frequent saves, but when my computer crashed simultaneously) and was gone. Anyhow. Two panels for you, and back to pencils over-the-weekend for me on that one.

Have a great weekend! Here’s a couple doodles to get you through it!


11/13/15 The Ambush 14

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  1. Mighty Colored Crustacean Crusaders to the rescue!

  2. Wait, who dey (doodles)? Pippy Longstocking and Hippy Throngmocking? OBTW, sorry for your loss…look forward to the penciled ending for this strip…

  3. I prefer Crudely Clad Cannibalistic Crustacean Chivalrous Crusaders’ Cabal.

  4. You both forgot ‘Caped’…

  5. Coddammit.

  6. So they are playing “Shirts and skins”?

  7. … and thus the C^7 met those Nubile Nudist Noobs in glorious battle over would get the honor of dispatching the human invaders. What a stick-up!

  8. Great.. with all that “snikt” action, someone’s bound to come looking for a certain ill-tempered, impossible-to-kill Canadian..

  9. It’s a mating ritual. The first rule of Date club is…

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