Had a really nice day. My art show (including a few additional and a few less paintings) is hanging again at the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council (LARAC) Lapham Gallery. I “plein-air” drew a barn with friends, then went to an open model studio and did a painting. Nothing photographed to show, but lots of fun. Although it means twice the work waiting for me tomorrow! 🙂

11/18/15 The Ambush 16

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  1. Shellfish is always a risky choice.

  2. Well, no convulsions so, not a nerve poison. Probably a relaxant, so stimulants?

  3. Is it me, or is the backback bigger on the inside than on the outside?

  4. “backpack”

  5. “backback” is more awesome!

  6. Before we go any further, let’s name the species. I vote for “Vorpal” because of the great fight scene we just witnessed: “His vorpal blade went snicker-snack…”

  7. So we’ve got two competing biologic events: a reaction to the vorpal venom (perhaps) and a reaction to vorpal spit (the source of the infection). Clearly the med scanner needs some work — it forgot to spit out two aspirin.

  8. “something going on” – I told you, Vorpal (I’ll go with that) joy-juice!

  9. And yes, clearly bigger on the inside. Essential technology if you are going to roam around on strange planets for unknown periods of time.

  10. So we are naming stuff are we? I name the brand of backpack “BackBack” brand backpack after Helianthus awesome typo! Such a cool name.

  11. Can’t wait for the payoff in one of the final strips when Pewter’s Med Appointment Alert goes off.

  12. @KNO3, “BackBack” tickles my fancy as a product name because of “The Tale of Bakbak” in Tales of Arabian Nights. Bakbak is the Sultan’s favorite jester, and when he unexpectedly dies in a merchant’s house during dinner, the merchant and his wife try to pass off the body to the neighbor’s houise so the sultan won’t be angry with them. The neighbors pass the body to someone else, and hilarity ensues.

    Can’t wait to see what new trick BackBack has to reveal.

  13. Sooo, the Tale of Bakbak is somewhat like “Weekend at Baadi’s”?

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