Strip done, after several more computer crashed. I’m now trying to thoroughly clean up my computer, as well as not have other things running while I’m creating comics.

vachel announces 02

And in OTHER AWESOME NEWS, I’m going to start running COMPLETELY NEW “Little Dee” strips this week, starting tomorrow. Running two strips per week, on Tuesday and Thursday over at (yes, I know in the strip she was reunited with her family, but these strips will fall in the nebulous time between the beginning and the end of the original run of strips, so the situation is the one all are familiar with)

So, nothing to see today. Although, you could always say “yay!” by visiting my Patreon page!

11/16/15 The Ambush 15

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  1. They’re saved! …for later…

    Too bad they weren’t clams. Then I could have said, “Clams got feet!” and called them mollusketeers.

    The defenders might have thought Pewter was one of their kind and they’ll treat him as a personage. Of course it will go to his head.

  2. Kinda like the Ewoks revered C3PO as a god?

  3. @Nathanyel, Ha! You just made my heart weep. 🙂

  4. Let me be the first here to celebrate the news about Little Dee! Enjoy the run!

  5. “Hello. My name is !Sggr ^Uvgvjvb. You killed my male progenitor hive-mate. Prepare to die.”

  6. Hmm… no bodies, no blood, no other bodily fluids. Sooo… dance off?

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  8. They do seem to be running off in pairs….yeah, I’m guessing we are seeing a highly stylized pre-orgy ritual. The initial “attack” on Foxglove was probably more along the lines of “Hey, we are about to get all jiggy here, you may want to step aside.” Or else an invitation to join in. But with her alien physiology, the jolt of joy-juice actually came across as a sleep aid. (hey, you’d be surprised how many things communicate via chemical signaling. Not their fault we are deaf and mute….)

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