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Happy Monday.

11/23/15 The Ambush 18

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  1. Are these guys related to Vachel?

  2. I actually checked if it was April 1… LOL…

  3. Oh my god, thank you, Chris, that was awesome! I laughed so hard I choked–that was NOT what I was expecting. You’ve brightened my day considerably (it needed it!).

    I like the crafty crabs better than the stabby crabs. 🙂

  4. Groupies.

    The capers have gathered for some sort of presentation they expect from the humans, whether it’s a rock show or a sermon. They’ve brought drinks and snacks and knitting. It’s a day at Gray Rocks.

  5. Hm. A portable clothing factory. Unexpected. Funky.

  6. So…they are just going to sit there and enjoy the show? What does this poison do?!

  7. Emmm….Maybe these are the females…….

  8. It looks like !nG’kl’ik brought coffee for snikself, but didn’t get any for the rest of the group.

    Also, this species looks like they’d be very easy to tip over when pushed.

  9. I love this.

  10. Hmm, their meditation technique is…different. That does not make it wrong. I approve.

  11. These strange creatures must be most exalted. Look at the fineness of the holy vestments they have knit for themselves, and they have covered nearly their entire body, none of is holy enough to cover even his full chest. Our tribe must knit before them and show them we are worthy to worship them.

  12. I wonder if someone’s getting a vest?

  13. (@Ed_Kline, psssst! Wrong century for that comment!)

  14. Snort! We Stabby Space Crabs of Wool! That was completely unexpected! I will be chuckling all day….

  15. The Vorpal’s blades went “Clicker Clack”

  16. Is it me? or this comic is becoming more odd with every page…

    Not in a bad way, just in a sense like surrealistic or something like that.

  17. Ooooh… Kaaaay…

    This planet has one bitchin’ ecosystem. Flammable floating tentacled hunters, multi-limbed apex hunters who not only are builders but protect the floating hunters, and a SECOND (or is it a third?) set of apex hunters (the Vorpals) who are advanced enough to knit/weave clothing for themselves. Does this mean the humans are enriching themselves with illegal sheep smuggling to feed the growing knitting addictions? Or does wool grow on trees around here?

  18. This planet is clearly biongineered Muzhik. That’s why the ship is there and why they don’t want to let people off the ship.

  19. KNITTING SPACE CRABS! you have warmed the cockles of this fiber-addict’s heart.

    And now we know! The initial “attack” was just an ill-aimed invitation to join the knitting! And the un-vested crabs are the siblings of the vested ones, being pursued to get their measurements so they too can have lovely hand-knitted vests for ….um….JellyNapalmCreatureDay! (hey, I have a brother, I know the drill). As for the infection….well, honestly, who do you know who sterilizes their knitting needles? Clearly we can see it was not an intentional stab, the crab expected Foxglove to dodge….I mean, I’ve never stabbed a cat and they actually seem to court disaster.

    And Coyoty – clearly Gnarlydoug is on the right track. These are clearly superior (if unagile) knitters, who have obviously come to teach a class.

    (I do have to wonder where they had all those pillows stashed, though).

  20. I do say. I’d much rather have “pillowspace” than “hammerspace”. Although I am rather handy, I’d certainly prefer a nap over working on some project around the house any day.

  21. Most hilarious, subversive scene twist EVER. And I have read Spacetrawler.

    Amazing. I’m still recovering. I squeed from surprise, the cuteness of it all, and relief.

    These stabby crabs are awesome. And I have to wonder whether they have gained the knitting meme from a human, or whether it’s convergent cultural evolution.

  22. I want to see the NEBs that spin the yarn.

  23. Late to the game but I just had to express my glee at the knitting… How Not? I still have my Rogue of Wool bag which has at least one knitting project in it! Shocking, I know ^_^

  24. Hey Chris! My wife, a knitter, wants to know if she can get that last panel on a T-shirt. If there’s not enough demand for you to do a run of them, maybe just permission to use it ourselves (for non-commercial purposes). Thanks….

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