11/25/15 The Ambush 19

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  1. Hey! How about if we do a little cross-stitch crab on it?

  2. You don’t want to get into a pillow fight with them.

  3. In 6th panel, 2nd last line of Teapot’s dialog is missing a leading “to” as in “to us bowing means…”

  4. @Seymour, actually, I was aiming for him to imply that he is teaching them what “us bowing means” rather than “what bowing means to us.” but excellent point!

  5. As long as that pillow doesn’t have a “surprise” inside I think it was a nice deed from them…

    And for “surprise” I mean something similar to what happened on this tale:

    Hope you can read it. I thought about it when I saw the pillow…

  6. Hey! I THOUGHT that pillow looked familiar! We sell one just like it at the big-box store where I work.

  7. Now two intelligent species on the same world. Question is are either or both of them native to the planet? I do like the incarnadine crabs, reminds me slightly of the “crabs” in “Whisperer In The Darkness”. Nice design work.

  8. I really love the way they carry their pillows, by hugging them.

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